French Conformation Standard

Use This As A Guide to Help Identify Poitou

  • Large and long head
  • Ears long and wide open and covered with long hairs
  • Strong neckline
  • Withers modest and not prominent
  • Straight and long back; well attached at the hips; hips not prominent
  • Rump as long as it is wide, fitting into a square
  • Long thighs and straight shoulder
  • Prominent sternum; large chest; round ribs
  • Powerful limbs, very wide joints
  • Feet wide and open, and covered with hair
  • Bay brown to black pangar√© coat (pale hair around eyes, muzzle, and underside of body), the hairs may lighten to give a faded brown colored coat. Under the belly and inner thighs light gray, without going to washed white around the mouth and nose
  • Silvery gray eyes bordered by a reddish halo
  • The color of the animal must not be a rubicano (white ticked hairs scattered throughout the coat) nor have a dorsal stripe (band black along the dorsal line from the withers to the tail) or bear the scapular band or a cross band
  • Ideally, the adult male (5 years old) will have a minimum height of 1m40 (13.3 hands), and the adult female (5 years old) will be a minimum height of 1m35 (13.1 hands)

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